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Privacy Policy

This service is provided by EGNIS to provide information on news, events, and other notifications through electronic mail under consent of the User.


EGNIS collects and stores minimum personal information necessary to provide this service.


EGNIS(hereinafter referred to ‘Company’) will handle your personal information with utmost care and according to the “Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications.”

The Company will disclose how the provided personal information will be used and what measures it is taking to protect this information through its Personal Data Processing Policy.


  1. Objective of data collection


The company will use the collected personal information for the below objectives

o To distribute news on the EGNIS brand ‘Labnosh’

o To deliver event and other advertising information, to determine the frequency of visits by the User and to generate statistical data on service use by the User



  1. Collected information

o Name

o E-mail


  1. Collection method

o Entered the User through the ‘Mailing service request’ on the website

※During usage of the service and business procedures, service use records, connection logs, cookies, IP addresses, purchase records and abnormal usage records may be generated and stored.


  1. Storage and use of personal information

o If the User rejects the mailing service or has withdrawn their consent, their personal information will be disposed of immediately.

o To reject the mailing service or to withdraw your consent please see the below contact information.

E-mail :

o Information regarding the rejection/withdrawal will be stored for 2 years.


  1. Modification of information

o Mailing service Users may request to modify their information at any time and the method of modification is identical to the above item 4.

  1. Claims or complaints regarding personal information

In order to protect the User’s personal information and to handle personal information related complaints, the below department and individuals have been designated.


o Personal information management

Name : Seiyeong Yoon

Affiliation : EGNIS

Telephone : 070-7464-0518

E-mail :


o Personal information management lead

Name : Seiyeong Yoon

Affiliation : EGNIS

Telephone : 070-7464-0518

E-mail :


o All personal information protection related complaints which occur during the use of the services provided by the Company can be reported to the personal information management lead or the relevant department.

o The Company will provide a sufficient response as soon as possible for received complaints

o For other reports or consulting requirements pertaining to personal information infringement , please refer to the below institutions



Personal information infringement reports( / Dial 118)

Supreme prosecutor’s office cybercrime investigation office( 02-3480-2000)

Police cyber safety division( 182)

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